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Mission title
Translate summaries or whole or parts of national case-law from one (or more) of the EU official languages including Irish + Norwegian and Icelandic into French, English and/or German

Profile sought:
translators native speakers of french, german, english (legal translators will be an asset)

Text of the mission:
Our company is looking for translators (legal translators will surely be an asset) to express their interest in a freelance services contract with following initial requirements:
Translators should be native speakers of the following languages:
French, German, English
The source languages will be:
Bulgarian, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Greek, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Maltese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Finnish Swedish, Norwegian , Icelandic
Work description
Translate summaries or whole or parts of national case-law from one (or more) of the above required languages into French, English and/or German.
Summaries will be around three thousand (3000) characters including spaces, but no less than one thousand (1000) characters including spaces
Work should be performed within 5 working days after the demand by our company has been duly accepted by the contractor.
Contract conditions
Attention is drawn to the fact that our company is looking for freelance services contracts only (no employment contract will be offered)
Moreover, our company cannot guarantee any minimum work. As the case may be, registered candidates will be asked for a service which they can accept or decline without motives. After three refusals, our company reserves the right not to contact the provider anymore.

Candidate will express their interest before the 18th of April 2012,

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