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Cv de Sales Manager, Dealer Principal trainer/coach, operations developments ,Business Development | Marke

Automotive world wide After Sales/sales Freelance Training Consultant

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53600 Evron

Aktuelle Situation:

Aktuell Bereich : Automotive

Größe des Betrieb : Freiberufler

Aktueller Posten : Subject

Jahranzahl an dieser Stelle : + als 15 ans

Anzahl von Personen unter meines Befehl : 11-20 Personen

Jahresgehalt : 75000.00 EUR

Totalerfahrung : + als 15 ans

Verfügbarkeit : Sofortige Verfügbarkeit

Gesucht Stelle:

Posten: Sales Manager, Dealer Principal trainer/coach, operations developments ,Business Development | Marke, Country Manager, Regional Worldwide, OEMs in UK & mainland Europe,,

Bereich : Automotive, Commercial vehicles, Motor cycles, RVs, O.E.Ms, Marine Yachts, Dealer Development, Aviation

Gewünscht Vertragsart: unbefristeter Vertrag, Zeitvertrag, Intermittierend Zeitvertrag, Vertretung, Vertreter

Gewünschtes Arbeitszeit: Vollzeit, Teilzeitjob, Täglich, Saisonbetrieb, Arbeiten am Wochenende

Minimum / gewünschte Jahreslohn : 55000.00 / 75000.00 EUR

Studieren :

Höchste abgeschlossene Studium mit einem Diplom : Abitur

Letzte Diplom : City & Guilds Mechanics

Aktuelle Studiumsniveau : Abitur

Andere Ausbildungen :

Divers :

Beweglichkeit : Land : Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belgium, Bermuda, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Canada, Cayman Islands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Frankreich, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Isle of Man, Italy, Jamaica, Jersey, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Maldives, Monaco, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Norway, Saint Lucia, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, United Kingdom, United States

Tool / Softwares / Methoden Microsoft Office suite CRM systems, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Mercedes, Citroen, Volvo.

Leichte Fahrzeug, Lkw, spezielle Fahrzeuge Car Driving Licence A Motor cycle B C1 07/08/19

Sprachen Englisch : Muttersprache

Lebenslauf :

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53600 Evron

Goal is to
achieve the targets and expectations of the Manufacturers K.P. Is

Development | Marketing Research & Strategy | Operations Management |CRM

Business owner; Management
Consultant; Sales Manager


Increased profitability in after sales key account
departments with Mercedes Benz by 27%

Dramatical increased in sales 13% to 29% achieved within 18
months in Skoda business

Skoda business sales increased total retail value over 12
million UK pounds

Increased Nissan commercial vehicle b segment sales; achieving 90% of dealer hitting; 110%
of their KPI targets

Work Experience

Automotive Freelance
Aftersales consultant

Star Cooperation,
Germany Oct
2008 - Present

Ø Organized and delivered
the sales excellence after-sales product to a prestige commercial vehicle
manufacturer’s dealer network successfully in the international market.

Ø Diagnosed and
reduced wide range of matters efficiently within
sales and after-sales departments; planned one
on one coaching with aftersales progression strategy.

Ø Improved
satisfaction; programmed visits to the
dealer’s clients with K.A.M evaluating performance and conflict.

Ø Developed and
implemented business plans and new quality standards for
better quality performance and reliability.

Ø Improved efficiency of K.A M s, business
processes, improving time management & reducing costs by 25% based on top
200 superior customer management records.

European Sales

Automotive Kah systems,

Mar 2008 - Dec 2008

Ø Successfully monitored
sales and developed pricing strategy of the Automotive Kah Inspect software
into OEMs in UK & mainland Europe, including major sales.

Ø Diligently applied
knowledge of global and regional business systems; upgraded CRM tools to analyze
market information to inform sales and future European growth strategies

Ø Supported daily
management of departmental duties; Oversaw and Coordinated with staff;
influenced cross-functional teams; resolved all feedback and performance issues

Ø Recorded sales and
marketing feedback; maintained database, generated computer- reports

Ø Established good
working relationships with customers; negotiated contracts, leading to
sustained profitability during tenure

Ø Launched new and
refined pre-existing performance indicators to measure effectiveness; developed
Europe-wide sales team and dealer network; supervised the correctness of all
financial and legal documentation

Franchise Standards Consultant

Honda, UK
Jan 2007- Nov 2007

Ø Determinedly
championed brand standards throughout UK franchises, helping franchises across
the network to achieve the manufacturer's KPI’S, targets, and standards.

Ø Developed new
policies that significantly reduced risks and issues for escalation; Built and
maintained productive and enduring relationships with franchisees and
operational managers adapting communication.

Ø Increased
operational efficiency; Ensured successful area performance through tracking,
reporting and feedback of associate performance along with meeting about
business risk and business plan development objective.

Ø Maximized staff
and productivity outputs through design and implementation of process
improvement and achieved all strategic business growth targets.

Business Management Consultant
,Nissan, UK Jan
2005- Nov 2007

Regional business
sales manager
, Skoda Auto, UK
May 2000-Dec 2004

Regional Fleet Manager, VW Financial
Services, UK
Apr 1997-May 2000

Education and Training

Ø City and Guilds
Mechanics parts 1,2 - Doncaster College

Ø Volvo Professional
Sales Management

Ø Volvo Corporate
Sales Program

Ø Peugeot Coventry,
Introduction to General Management

Ø Lindley
Educational trusts Controlling dealership operations, and management of people

Ø Volkswagen Group,
Management Training Academy, Wadenhoe

skills training in word, excel, PowerPoint, diary management and various CR


Herr Al... P...


53600 Evron

Automotive world wide After Sales/sales Freelance Training Consultant

I am seeking new opportunities in mainland Europe, UK/South or the
rest of the World which are suitable for the skills I possess which are mainly
automotive based, but transferable to other capital equipment industries.

I have been working for the last three years as a freelance after-sales
business development coach/ training consultant with the Star Cooperation in
Germany, delivering the Sales Excellence after-sales product to a prestige
manufacturer’s franchised commercial vehicle dealer network in the UK.
(Mercedes Benz.)

My record of accomplishment as a senior fleet manager & franchise
dealer development specialist includes the management of dealers, training
salespeople in the European automotive caravan, I.T and motorcycle industries,
it also includes an understanding of how franchises and differing cultures,
networks and departments are managed, especially development of the after-sales
functions in dealerships and with manufacturers.

I am also capable of getting my hands dirty in sales; my largest
single deal had a retail value of over £12 million. You will also see
from my CV that I have audited the processes, policies, procedures and health
and safety for major OEM network, all skills required to fulfill many
automotive type briefs.

I am a creative and an agile thinker and have held senior and
equivalent roles at this level for many years. I have developed an adaptive
leadership style focused on linking business and the employee’s personal goals
to incentivize and motivate the teams and franchises which I have been
responsible for.

I have some French and German language skills but only at
a basic level
. My hobbies are being a lifelong motorcycle rider and owner
of three Labradors which keeps me fit and healthy, The UK is just a short flight,
tunnel ride, or ferry and I am used to working in the UK, Europe, or the rest
of the world on territory to achieve
results, closest international airport 1 hr.15 mins away.

I am now actively searching and could start in most cases within 3
weeks; this could be on a consultancy basis, contract, or permanent, or part

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